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Salisbury Abroad: France - Paris Internship

Term To Study: Spring 2015
Application Deadline: Oct 01, 2014
Program Starts: Jan 11, 2015
Program Ends: Apr 11, 2015
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Internship
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Program Locations: Paris
Contact Phone: 410-677-5027
Contact Name: Noel Habashy
Contact Email:
Program Description

- Earn French credits towards your major or in general
- An internship program where you will gain valuable international work experience in a field related to your professional interests
- Embrace French culture and dramatically improve your French speaking abilities
- Live and study in Paris for far less than the cost of a typical semester in Paris

The France: City of Lights Internship in Paris is a very special opportunity for SU students with French language proficiency to incorporate an intensive international work experience into their academic curriculum. The program is offered in either the fall or spring semester. The semester experience combines intensive study of the French language with meaningful internship experiences in fields such as advertising/marketing/public relations, art/art museums and galleries, business, event planning, fashion business, fashion design, film and theater, graphic design, hospitality/travel/tourism, journalism, law/legal, sports administration, and video production. A city of more than 2 million, Paris is home to iconic sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Montmartre while also serving as the center for French business and government.

Paris offers countless cultural and tourist experiences, including the famous Louvre museum, the Paris Ballet, and modern cultural icons such as the Pompidou center and the Picasso Museum.

Students earn 12 credits for the 12-week program in Paris, of which 4 credits earned are:

FREN 300: French Topics: Internship (4 credits)
The additional 8 credits can be earned in any two of the following courses:

FREN 290: Intermediate French Topics (4 credits)
FREN 310: French grammar (4 credits)
FREN 312: French conversation (4 credits)
FREN 410: Advanced Francophone Topics (4 credits)
Eligibility for the France: City of Lights Internship in Paris Program and all of its courses is based on the following prerequisites:
- C or better in FREN 202
- 2.5 overall GPA
- 3.0 GPA in French courses
- Permission of the department.

Acceptance is competitive, based on your academic background, career goals, French language proficiency and relevant work experience. Students currently pursuing or interested in pursuing a minor or major in French are encouraged to contact Dr. Claire Kew, Associate Professor of French, at prior to selecting their additional 8 credits of coursework.

Majors in the Perdue School of Business may be able to count the French 300 credits as the ABLE Internship. See the ABLE website.

HOST INSTITUTION: Global Experiences is a private company located in Annapolis, MD specializing in placing American students in international internships around the world. Director and Program Development Coordinator, Stephen Reilly, is a 1995 graduate of Salisbury University with a degree in Communication Arts. He created Global Experiences over a decade ago to help students to gain the global competencies that have made such a difference in his life. Salisbury University is proud to collaborate with Global Experiences to offer this special internship opportunity in Paris. Our partnership represents the best of SU alumni reaching back to help future generations of SU students achieve ever greater learning opportunities during their time in Salisbury.

HOUSING: Students are housed in a single room in a home stay. The package includes breakfast each day. Home stays may be in an apartment or a house, but all will be accessible by the Paris metro in safe residential areas throughout the city. Living in a home stay environment gives you the opportunity to experience French culture and practice your French skills while also having the independence to enjoy your time abroad. Each participant is carefully matched to the right home stay taking into account preferences, interests, and special requests.

COSTS: Costs include all SU tuition and fees, all internship placement fees with Global Experiences, housing, and substantial in-country support provided by Global Experiences including cultural excursions and networking events.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Global Experiences is offering two special scholarships exclusively to SU students who participate on the Italy: Florence Internship in Communications program.

$250 scholarship off of the total program cost for every SU student who applies and is admitted to the program;

$250 donation made from Global Experiences to a special study abroad scholarship fund designed to provide future scholarships for SU students to study abroad

APPLY: Students must meet all prerequisite requirements as described above in order to participate in the program. After completing the SU study abroad application student applicants continue the application process at the directly with Global Experiences. Students should not apply directly to Global Experiences until after completing the SU study abroad application.

Quick Facts

Population: 65630692
Capital: Paris
Per-capita GDP: $ 35600
Size: 643801 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

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Travel Warning: NO

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