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Salisbury Abroad: Estonia - Cyber Security Year

Term To Study: Academic Year 2016-2017
Application Deadline: Apr 15, 2016
Program Starts: Sep 01, 2016
Program Ends: Jun 15, 2017
Major 1: Computer & Information Technology
Subject 1:
Major 2: Mathematics & Statistics
Subject 2:
Major 3: Business Studies - IT
Subject 3:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Direct enroll
Link 1: Budget Worksheet
Link 2: University of Tartu
Link 3: Tallinn University of Technology MS in Cyber Security
Link 4: Advising Checklist for Information Systems majors with minors in Computer Science
Program Locations: Tallinn, Tartu
Contact Phone: 410-677-5027
Contact Name: Brian Stiegler
Contact Email:
Program Description

- The rare opportunity to study computer science abroad for a year
- Study in Estonia, one of the world's most wired nations and global leader in cyber security
- Have the option to complete a master's degree in Cyber Security with one more year of study at Talinn University of Technology following your graduation from SU
- Live and study in Europe for a fraction of many other destinations
- Live in residence halls with students from all around the globe

Salisbury University, the University of Tartu (UT) and Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) have developed a full-year study abroad program in Cyber Security specifically for students studying math, computer science,or information systems with a minor in computer science at SU. Students also have the option of continuing on to complete a master's degree in Cyber Security with one additional year of study.

Students in their senior year spend a full academic year studying in the historical northern European college towns of Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia. Estonia is strategically located on the edge of the Baltic Sea in northeast Europe. Helsinki, Finland, Stockholm, Sweden, and St. Petersburg, Russia are all less than 1 hour flight from the capital city of Tallinn. The Baltic region is a growing economic powerhouse in Northeastern Europe enjoying vibrant democracies and high standards of living. The historical and cultural meeting of Europe and the West with Russia and the East make Estonia a fascinating destination for a semester abroad. Further, Estonia is considered one of Europe's "most wired" countries, is home to NATO's Cyber Defense Center, and was recently selected to host the EU's IT agency.

Senior mathematics and computer science majors enter as visiting students at Tallinn University of Technology in the fall semester and the University of Tartu in the spring semester.

Students majoring in Information Systems who are completing the minor in Computer Sciences are also eligible for this program.

No previous foreign language experience is required as all coursework is in English. Courses count towards academic programs and graduationat SU. The coursework provides a solid foundation in cyber security.

Note: Information System majors who are not minoring in Computer Science should see the Salisbury Abroad: Estonia - Cyber Security for Information Systems semester-long program.

Successful students may apply for a fifth year in Estonia and complete the joint Master of Science in Cyber Security with one additional year of study at TUT and/or UT. The program provides an excellent education and affordable costs for the graduate degree in cyber security. There is a possibility for graduate internship in the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center in Tallinn. This program provides an excellent preparation for quickly expanding career opportunities in public and private sector cyber security industry in Maryland.

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is the only technological university in Estonia and the flagship of Estonian engineering and technical education. The mission of TUT is to develop the economy and industry of Estonia and the Baltic Sea region through top graduates, scientific achievements, knowledge services, innovative applications and cooperation projects. Tallinn is the capital and largest city in Estonia with a population of just under half million. Tallinn is nestled along the Gulf of Finland east of Stockholm, Sweden, South of Helsinki, Finland, and west of St. Petersburg, Russia. Old town Tallinn is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is considered by many one of the most beautiful European capital cities.You can view several Tallinn University of Technology videos on Search Tallinn University of Technology.

The University of Tartu is the largest and most comprehensive university in Estonia producing more than 70% of the PhD's in the country. Ranked as one of the top 600 universities in the world, University of Tartu is one of the most venerable centers of education and research in northern Europe. Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia, with a population of just over 100,000. Twenty percent of the residents of Tartu are college students. Nestled on the banks of the River Emajgi, Tartu is considered the cultural and intellectual center of the nation. You can view several Tartu University videos on Search Tartu University.

The costs for full tuition and housing for the year on Salisbury Abroad: Estonia- Cyber Security for Math and Computer Science are comparable to costs for one year of full MD resident tuition and housing on main campus in Salisbury. International airfare and board are the two main costs that are not included. Tallinn and Tartu are very affordable cities by European standards with costs of living comparable to those in Salisbury. A limited number of scholarships are available for study in Estonia. For more information, please contact Dr. Karen Olmstead, Dean of the Henson School of Science & Technology.

Quick Facts

Population: 1274709
Capital: Tallinn
Per-capita GDP: $ 20600
Size: 45228 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 02:00 hours) Kaliningrad

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Travel Warning: NO

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